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Search Engines back to top

Google- new  One of the fastest and most popular search engines available today.  With Google SafeSearch, sites and web pages containing explicit content are blocked from search results.
Mamma- new A New Search engine which calls itself - The Mother of All Search Engines.
MetaCrawler - A fantastic Meta-Search engine which automatically searches the big 5 engines from 1 screen including Lycos, WebCrawler, Excite, AltaVista, and Yahoo.
HotBot - Wired Magazine's super-fast search engine powered by the Inktomi search engine.
excite Netsearch - Another great search engine, this time based on Exite Inc's navigation services. - This amazing site by c|net has several hundred search engines in its collection, that are organized into simple subject areas. The home page offers one-page, direct search to 8 of the best search engines on the Internet.
AltaVista - Still one of the best Search Engines available, Digital's AltaVista engine is the power behind many of the best Internet services including Search.Com and Yahoo.
Lycos Engine - The venerable Lycos still offers great search  performance.
WebCrawler - Run by America Online, Webcrawler is just as fast as before. - Now owned by Google, Dejal offers one of the best searchable index to Usenet Newsgroups.
FTPSearch - Sponsored by Lycos, this easy-to-use Web form for FTP searches allows you to locate specific filenames on the Internet.

Indexes and Menus back to top

Yahoo - Still the definitive Topical Index for Internet Information.
InfoSpace -  A fast, comprehensive, dynamic directory listing of people and services.
Galaxy - Another great subject index to the Internet.
W3C- The World Wide Web Consortium and The Original WWW Site. A fast and easy online dictionary and thesaurus.

Online Publications back to top

c|net - c|net: the computer network, offers tons of articles, news, reviews, and features about computers and the Internet
The Globe and Mail - The Globe web centre features links to their comprehensive Canadian news and investment intormation. an Internet Industry Portal with links and sub-sites about everything Internet.
Hot Wired - Wired Magazine's Excellent Online publication now published in conjuntion with Lycos.
Ziff Davis Home Page - Great Site with Links to tons of eZines and Internet Information.
NetSurfer Digest -Netsurfer Communications - Their objective: More Signal, Less Noise (and it STILL works).

Software back to top

Breadner Computer Systems - A talented  application development organization focused on Financial Applications.
Tiny Software - An INTO favourite, Tiny offers sophisticated, powerful software Firewall solutions in small, affordable and easy-to-use packages. - Now run by c|net, the former WinFiles - The Web Source for Windows 95/98/NT info and 32 bit shareware.
Microsoft's Web Site - Microsoft Corporation - Check out the
MS Knowledge Base for online technical support on any Microsoft product.
Lotus' Web Site - Lotus Corporation - Includes lots of Info & Links about Lotus Notes and Domino.

Cool Stuff back to top

GlobeinvestorGOLD - GlobeInteractive's innovative new financial services web site offering breaking news coverage, a multi-media browser with streaming real-time quotes and market data, and personalized alerts to keep investors of all levels aware of breaking developments in all markets.
Exchange Handbook Online - This web site represents the book of world stock, derivative and commodity exchanges.  It is a comprehensive reference tool for those who need to know about the world's diverse exchanges
Investopedia - A comprehensive searchable dictionary of financial terms, acronyms, buzz-words and definitions covering all facets of financial markets products and disciplines.
Jiway - A new fully integrated electronic stock exchange offering trading and settlement for 6000 equities listed in the US and Europe.
Currency Converter -'s excellent universal currency converter..
Canada411 - With over 10 Million Canadian telephone listings.
eSignal - Previously DBC, eSignal offers Real-time market data for the individual investor.
Scene by Scene -The coolest Video Post Production site that we've ever Scene!

Sports Links back to top

The Devil's Pulpit - A beautiful 36 hole golf club located in Caledon Ontario Canada.
SkiCentral - the most complete skiing resource on the Internet, indexing over 3,600 ski related sites..
Whistler Blackcomb - An excellent Web site, and the favorite INTO Ski Destination!
The Ottawa Senators - An excellent Site all about INTO's favorite NHL franchise.
PPG CART World Series - A beautiful site, sponsored by CART and PPG.

Music Links back to top

bartmart audio - An incredible digital audio post-production facility, based in Ottawa Canada.
Steinberger World - An informative site with news, and background information about Ned Steinberger's amazing and innovative guitars and basses.
Peter Gabriel - Peter's Real World web site has links to all PG's current projects.
Papabear Records - Tony Levin's record company provides this great website which includes Road Diary.
Pollstar - Promoters On-Line Listings where you can Search for Tour Dates by Artist Venue, or City.
The Ultimate Band List - A very complete list of Artists and Groups.
Music Resources on the Internet - Indiana University - A huge music resource list for the Internet.

Other Notables back to top

Connect to INTO's Anonymous FTP Site to download useful files.
Workplace Safety & Insurance Board of Ontario -  The WSIB's website contains information and services for Ontario employees and employers.


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